“For the rest of my days I will remain committed to serving a generation of people. Whether it’s young men and women on the south or west sides of Chicago, or an athlete that struggles to embrace an amazing skillset that adds value to the world outside of sport. Every day I will set the example and champion the work to empower, uplift, and impact the masses.”

Nosa Eguae


TedX Speaker : Eradicating The Disease of Low Expectation | Nosa Eguae

The Keynote Speaker

Nosa has graced numerous stages over the years sharing his story, insight and passion with one goal in mind. He aims to make “ERADICATING THE THE DISEASE OF LOW EXPECTATION” common.

The Mentor

Nosa serves on numerous nonprofit boards and dedicates a great number of hours to one on one and group mentoring to ensure he sews seeds of greatness into the youth that we are handing this world over to. His goal is to promote giving back as a necessary give to those that have received.

The Influencer

From the Football field to acting on the small screen, Nosa has been able to command a room with ease. Using his high energy and extrovert nature to galvanize crowds Nosa influences easily.. His network is high impact and dedicated to being the generation that will never be forgotten.

The Entrepreneur

Being able to take every aspect of your personal journey and combine it with others to curate a blueprint for success that nurtures the mind, body, soul is a task only someone divinely chosen can deliver. Nosa aims to rewrite the way history is made with his company .

Professional high quality cameras, tools, and accessories for today’s avid photographers.

Jessica LaShawn

Nosa has a way of breaking down barriers in people that allows they to be their authentic self . This is what makes him special and his impact unforgettable!”

Devin Myers

“It is so easy for him to talk to people but the impressive part is knowing that he actually had something to say. And it was life-changing for us all to hear. ”

Paul Turner

“My Kid just wanted to play sports because it was cool. After a session with Nosa he realized that everything he dedicates himself to should have a purpose. ”

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