“Nosa is a powerful, thoughtful and inspiring speaker who creates a genuine connection with his audience.”
Robert A. DiMeo DiMeo Schneider & Associates, Chief Executive Officer
Asking Nosa Eguae to lead a workshop at our annual CPS Young
Men of Color Summit turned out to be the highlight of the event. His
sessions were not only the most popular with students but received
overwhelming praise from the staff, as well. In fact, his likeness was
featured in our event literature. Nosa’s ability to engage with our
students is an immense talent not often seen. Students not only found
him relatable but also both encouraging and empowering. His humility
and vulnerability endeared him to our young men, allowing them to
see a version of manhood that may have previously felt foreign. In
addition to the glowing written evaluations, the line of young men
exiting the room waiting to shake Nosa’s hand served as complete
affirmation that we were spot on selecting him as a speaker.
Antonio Pryor
College and Career Specialist, Chicago Public Schools